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A psalm of David when he was in the desert of Edom.

Ver. 1.  Edom, (Idumææ.)  H.


--- Several copies read Judææ; which agrees with the Heb. &c.  The Idumeans, after the captivity, occupied those deserts (C.) or Ziph, Haret, &c. (W.) where David had screened himself from the fury of Saul.  This psalm may express his sentiments, (Theod.  Muis.) or those of the captives, returning home, (C.) or it may agree with all those, who thirst after their heavenly country.  Bert.


--- S. Jerom explains it of the coming of Christ, and it was used in the morning service.  S. Chrys.  Ps. cxl.  C.


--- Catholics, who are imprisoned for their faith, and cannot approach the tabernacle, may here find comfort.  W.


The prophet aspireth after God.

2 O God, my God, to thee do I watch at break of day. For thee my soul hath thirsted; for thee my flesh, O how many ways!

Ver. 2.  Day.  The manna dissolved with the sun beams, and God will be served with diligence.


--- Flesh.  The sensations of my soul affect all my body.  W.


--- Thirst is more insupportable than hunger; and the psalmist could not express  his ardour better.  C.


--- He loves God with all his strength, &c.  H.


--- "The soul desires, but the end can be attained only by good works."  Carnis laboribus pervenitur.  S. Jer.


--- O how!  Prot. "longeth for thee in a dry," &c.  But come is no Heb. verb, and occurring no where else, is little understood by the Jews.  It seems that comu, "as," should be here, to correspond with the following so.  "As my flesh thirsts in this, &c. so in the," &c.  I shall find no less pleasure in attending thy worship, than a thirsty traveller does in finding water.  C.


--- Theodotion agrees with the Sept. in considering this as a compound word posaplwV, (C.) and we had best stick to the most ancient version.  Bert.

3 In a desert land, and where there is no way, and no water: so in the sanctuary have I come before thee, to see thy power and thy glory.

Ver. 3.  Land.  "O solitude," cries out S. Ephrem, "ladder of heaven, mother of compunction,...and piety, thou art the guardian of the eyes," &c.


--- Glory.  The ark, (C.) or Jesus Christ, the desired of all nations.  S. Jer.  H.


--- I have attended thy worship in spirit, not being able to be present at Jerusalem.  C.  M.  W.


--- Thus people, who cannot hear mass, ought to act.  H.

4 For thy mercy is better than lives: thee my lips shall praise.

Ver. 4.  Lives.  For these must perish, while heaven remains for ever.  S. Hil.


--- This consolation is preferable to any worldly prosperity.  W.

5 Thus will I bless thee all my life long: and in thy name I will lift up my hands.

Ver. 5.  Hands.  Doing good works, as the Fathers explain it.  This is the posture of people who pray, or take an oath.  Tert.  1 Tim. ii. 8.  C.


--- I will, &c.  Comfort is proportioned to suffering for Christ.  2 Cor. i.  W.

6 Let my soul be filled as with marrow and fatness: and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.

Ver. 6.  Fatness.  With the most exquisite delights of the temple.  Jer. xxxi. 14.  C.


--- Thy grace will enable me to give thee due praise (W.) with joy.  M.

7 If I have remembered thee upon my bed, I will meditate on thee in the morning:

Ver. 7.  Bed.  I will think on thee both when I retire to rest, and when I get up.  Bert.


--- Thou art my first beginning, and last end.  H.


--- At all times I will meditate on thy mercies (C.) in bed, and much more, when I arise, (W.) as I shall not then be so much oppressed with drowsiness.  M.

8 because thou hast been my helper. And I will rejoice under the covert of thy wings: 9 my soul hath stuck close to thee: thy right hand hath received me. 10 But they have sought my soul in vain, they shall go into the lower parts of the earth:

Ver. 10.  Earth.  To seek me out, (Houbig.) or they shall perish.  The Babylonians were exposed to many miseries under Cyrus, as the prophets assert, (Is. xiii. 1.  Jer. xxv. 12.) though profane history be silent.  C.


--- David foretells the destruction of his persecutors, either temporal or spiritual.  W.


--- The devils may be styled foxes.  Bert.  S. Hil.


--- This may also be verified in the Jews, who persecuted Christ, and fell a prey to the Roman arms, &c.  Euseb.  C.


--- Saul perished in battle, and his body was exposed on a gibbet to wild beasts.  1 K. xxxi.  W.

11 They shall be delivered into the hands of the sword, they shall be the portions of foxes. 12 But the king shall rejoice in God, all they shall be praised that swear by him: because the mouth is stopped of them that speak wicked things.

Ver. 12.  The king.  David, (Bert. &c.) or Zorobabel, for whom the Jews had the highest regard, though he was not an independent monarch, nor wore a crown.  Agg. ii. 24.  Zac. iii. 8.  It was customary to swear by the life of the king.  1 K. i. 26. and xx. 3.  The Fathers understand Jesus Christ to be meant, and this is the true and primary sense; as Zorobabel was only a figure of Him, and never really possessed the throne, that the Jews  might not think that the prophecies were fulfilled in his person.


--- By him.  The king, (Du Pin.  C.) or God.  M.  Boss.  T.


--- Those who follow the true religion, (Deut. vi. 13.  Is. xlv 23.  C.) and act accordingly (H.) shall be kings for ever.  Apoc.  Bert.  1 Pet. ii. 9.  H.


--- As David came to the throne, on the death of his rival, so was Christ's name exalted, after the Romans had destroyed the Jews.  W.

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