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TO thee have I lifted up my eyes, who dwellest in heaven.


A prayer in affliction, with confidence in God.

Ver. 1.  Canticle.  Heb. adds, "of David."  H.


--- Syriac also attributes to him, though Zorobabel, &c. might recite it at their return.  It may also refer to the captives groaning under oppression, (C.) and to every Christian, who must live in expectation of a better country.  S. Aug.  Berthier.  T. viii.

2 Behold as the eyes of the servants are on the hands of their masters, As the eyes of the handmaid are on the hands of her mistress: so are our eyes unto the Lord our God, until he have mercy on us.

Ver. 2.  Masters.  Expecting liberty, or rather food; though it may also imply that they are ready to run at the first sign, which they observe with attention.  Thus Menelaus had his eyes on Agamemnon.  Homer.  C.


--- As servants, and particularly handmaids, are very attentive, and hope to receive sustenance, so we ought to pray with all earnestness to God for what is necessary.  W.


--- All must come from Him.


--- Until.  Or "waiting for his having mercy on us."  We shall not cease to look up to Him afterwards.  Bert.


--- "Take care not to turn thine eyes away from mine."  Terent. Adelph. ii. 1.

3 Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us: for we are greatly filled with contempt. 4 For our soul is greatly filled: we are a reproach to the rich, and contempt to the proud.

Ver. 4.  A reproach.  Heb. "with the reproach of those at ease," &c. (H.) or "let reproach fall upon," &c.  We are treated with too much scorn.  Lam. iii. 30.  C.


--- Yet God will not permit his friends to be overcome, but encourages them to hope for speedy redress, when their sufferings are great.  W.

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