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AND the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Behold, I have called by name Beseleel the son of Uri the son of Hur of the tribe of Juda,

Ver. 2.  By name.  I have fixed upon and taken into my service, as Is. xliii. 1.


3 And I have filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and understanding, and knowledge in all manner of work.

Ver. 3.  Spirit.  "God, our master, causeth our genius to shew itself."  Senec. Ben. iv. 4.

4 To devise whatsoever may be artificially made of gold, and silver, and brass,

Ver. 4.  Brass.  Sept. add, "and violet, and purple, and scarlet spun, and byssus twisted."

5 Of marble, and precious stones, and variety of wood.

Ver. 5.  Marble and (or) precious stones.  Marble was not used in the tabernacle.  C.

6 And I have given him for his companion Ooliab the son of Achisamech of the tribe of Dan. And I have put wisdom in the heart of every skilful man, that they may make all things which I have commanded thee,

Ver. 6.  Wisdom.  Good artists deserve this title, provided they make things of real use.  Orig. hom. 22. Num.

7 The tabernacle of the covenant, and the ark of the testimony, and the propitiatory that is over it, and all the vessels of the tabernacle,

Ver. 7.  Vessels.  Tables, curtains, &c.  C.

8 And the table and the vessels thereof, the most pure candlestick with the vessels thereof, and the altars of incense,

Ver. 8.  Table and (all) the.  The Sam. copy retains the word col, "all," as well as the Sam. Sept. Syr. and Arab. versions, and one Heb. MS. though the printed editions have rejected it.  In a Chaldaic MS. it is also found.  The omission, probably was occasioned by the custom of the Jews, who always fill up their lines with the initial letters of the next line; and as coliu followed, the transcriber supposed that col was in that predicament.  Ken. dis. 2.


--- Most pure gold, always giving light, or kept clean.  C. xxxix. 37.

9 And of holocaust, and all their vessels, the laver with its foot, 10 The holy vestments in the ministry for Aaron the priest, and for his sons, that they may execute their office about the sacred things: 11 The oil of unction, and the incense of spices in the sanctuary, all things which I have commanded thee, shall they make.

12 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
13 Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: See that thou keep my sabbath: because it is a sign between me and you in your generations: that you may know that I am the Lord, who sanctify you.

Ver. 13.  Sabbath.  Let not the workmen do any thing for the tabernacle on that day.  M.


--- God reiterates and insists particularly on this commandment, which begins with the word remember; because men are so apt to forget, or to transgress a precept, which seems to interfere with those worldly concerns and profits, which they love more than God and their own souls.  H.


14 Keep you my sabbath: for it is holy unto you: he that shall profane it, shall be put to death: he that shall do any work in it, his soul shall perish out of the midst of his people. 15 Six days shall you do work: in the seventh day is the sabbath, the rest holy to the Lord. Every one that shall do any work on this day, shall die. 16 Let the children of Israel keep the sabbath, and celebrate it in their generations. It is an everlasting covenant 17 Between me and the children of Israel, and a perpetual sign. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and in the seventh he ceased from work.


18 And the Lord, when he had ended these words in mount Sinai, gave to Moses two stone tables of testimony, written with the finger of God.

Ver. 18.  Testimony, to inform men of their duty.


--- Written, not by Moses, or by any man, but by God himself, or by an angel.  C. xxxiv. 1.  Gal. iii. 19.  C.


Moses Recieves The Ten Commandments

Moses Recieves The Ten Commandments

And the Lord, when he had ended these words in mount Sinai, gave to Moses two stone tables of testimony, written with the finger of God.

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